• Age: 19
  • Country: Germany
  • About the company: RAUTECK is the acronym for Recycled AUToparts ECKernförde, our German hometown. Considering ecological sustainability and social commitment we turn buckle tongues into various bottle opener (FördeÖffner) and seat belts into fancy bags (Förde Taschen) – handcrafted products of great authenticity and functional as well as emotional value.

After being designated even as Europe’s JA Company of the Year 2015 in Berlin and successfully liquidating RAUTECK in the framework of the JA company program in September, twelve motivated students finally reestablished the business as a real enterprise with the legal form registered cooperative in November 2015. Since then, we completely outsourced the production of our bottle openers and expanded our business by using several ways of marketing and distribution. For the short-term future, RAUTECK will have to manage an incisive change concerning its human resources. Nevertheless, we are confident to achieve our long-term objectives such as developing new innovative and sustainable products by upcycling car items, outsourcing also the production of our bags by integrating refugees and attracting more business customers in order to reach more target groups and increase the efficiency of our distribution.

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  • Age: 24
  • Country: Finland
  • About the company ‘MeetingPackage.com’: Founded in 2014, MeetingPackage.com is a meeting booking platform designed for Meeting Planners and Meeting Venues. Our mission is to revolutionize the meeting booking process by simplifying it and making it much more efficient.

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The 4th Youth Entrepreneurship Award, in collaboration with Amcham EU, jury deliberation was held online on Tuesday 11 October 2016.

The award will be formally presented to the winner by Amcham EU CEO, Susan Danger, on Wednesday 9 November during the event on the future of Europe: "Europe at a crossroads: Where do we go from here?"


Jury members:

Youth Entrepreneurship Awards Judges

  • Alex Barker, Brussels Bureau Chief, Financial Times
  • Susan Danger, CEO AmCham EU
  • Anthony Gardner, US Ambassador to the EU
  • Stefaan Hermans, Head of Cabinet to Commissioner Thyssen
  • Eva Paunova, Member of the European Parliament
  • Patrick Xhonneux, VP EMEA Marketing SAS


The 5 finalists:

YEA Finalist SaraYEA Finalist JoonasYEA Finalist Bendix

YEA Finalist BelgiumYEA finalist



Stay tuned to hear who the winner is and follow us on twitter (@JA_Europe) to get live info!

contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


  • Age: 28
  • Country: Denmark
  • About the company ‘Deemly’: ‘Deemly’ is a reputation dashboard which gathers user ratings and reviews from across P2P platforms into one score. Our vision is to increase trust between users and thereby create growth for P2P platforms and a responsible sharing economy.

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