GEP Globalisation Case Study

The case studies bring professionals from different industries into schools or in online environments where students can interact with them directly and conduct a case study presentation on Globalisation & The World of Work. These volunteers are not just role models, but also provide expertise in their chosen fields. The volunteers lead a 1-2 hour learning activity and discussion around the global issues that businesses are handling every day.

Based on the student evaluation survey conducted after the programme we found out that:

  • 75% agree that the classroom visit improved their understanding of global issues;
  • 72% agree that their business volunteer was strongly engaged and contributed to the success of the case study presentations;
  • 70% agree that GEP helped them understand what are the most important skills to have in the workplace;
  • 59% agreed that the GEP activities pushed them to be more creative;
  • 68% agreed that the GEP Classroom Visit motivated them to explore global jobs and related education.

Students stated the following as the main things they learned more about during the programme:

  • Globalisation and its effects on the global business environment;
  • How to work with other cultures and being aware of how different customs can influence your business;
  • The importance of teamwork;
  • How to best present my idea;
  • What skills are required for being a successful employee;
  • The importance of international cooperation.

If you want to see what's going on in a GEP Classroom Visit, have a look at this video from the Escola Profissional de Rio Maior in Portugal.

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