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Leaders-for-a-Day: Damien Bourgeois, Head of CRM and Customer Intelligence, AXA Belgium

It was a wonderful day while I crossed the path of Anastasia. She was so professional and straight to the point with clear and meaningful questions for me and for the people we met all along the day. Even if her area of studies is far from marketing, she involved immediately in trying to find “what is behind” the purpose of our meetings. She was able to invest herself in the understanding of the relationships and I was impressed also by her capabilities to be focused and how she made her speech as a very good synthesis of the way I do management. Probably, with a little bit more time to prepare this day, for both parties, things would go deeper in the details and the story of the company and so on. But on another hand, what is really fantastic in such a day, is the “unprepared”, so spontaneous way to exchange. Straight talk and informal exchanges happened.

I strongly recommend any leader to be part of such experience. It gives freshness and hope about all the potential of our young talented people.

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