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Leaders-for-a-Day: MEP Jazłowiecka

Thanks to JA Europe I had a unique possibility to spend a day with a JA Alumni from my home country- Poland. As Member of the European Parliament I am meeting daily with various stakeholders and people from all around Europe. However, the time I spend with Maciej Bergier, an 18- year old student, was full of interesting discussion and unforgettable experience also for me. I was impressed how much Maciej is determined and convinced about his future career path. He is a great example of a lively entrepreneurial spirit with fresh ideas and determination to work hard to achieve his goals. "Leader's for a day" programme gave me an opportunity to ask Maciej for his opinion on the education system in Poland- whether it provides students with skills and qualifications being searched for by employers on the labour market. We agreed that still a lot has to be done, that more time should be devoted to practical aspects as well as project- based learning.  Development of interpersonal skills is also vital if one wants to become a leader in the future. I am thankful for JA Europe for the great experience as well as for their great programme which gives young people a unique opportunity to learn from leaders all around Europe. 

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