Argiris Tzikopoulos Member / Chair of the Board of Executives

Mr Argiris Tzikopoulos has been CEO of Junior Achievement Greece since 2014. During his term of office, JA Greece has achieved the highest school participation rates in the history of the organisation (200% for the Company Programme and 340% for Start Up), and has managed to reach a notably higher number of schools in underprivileged areas throughout the country. Raising awareness of entrepreneurship education in a country that has been going through serious financial and social challenges has been the priority for Argiris and the team of JA Greece.  The work done within the last 2 years has also resulted to extensive public interest and media coverage with 200 TV reports, 1.000 radio interviews and 5.000 publications of 2.000.000 euro media value.
As Vice Chair of JA Europe Board of Executives in 2017-2019, Argiris has worked with JA Europe colleagues on fostering the growth of the JA Company Programme, which is such an important indicator for JA Europe’s progress. Some of his achievements at European level are:  Contributing in building an active alumni network, promoting the Entrepreneurial Skills Pass certification as a widely recognised scheme, conducting CEO surveys in order to get regular input on the state of the art across Europe, designing joint strategies and new approaches in the recruiting and training of business.
Argiris’ academic background includes a BSc in Computer Science (2003) and an MSc in e-Learning (2007). He has been actively involved in the planning and management of more than 30 national and European Projects and was engaged by the European Commission as external expert to European consortia or as external evaluator and reviewer. Some of these projects have been distinguished by the European Commission as good practices on the basis of innovation, management and effective international collaboration. He is also the co‐author of 35 publications appearing in scientific books, journals and conference proceedings with more than 200 citations.
He is a very motivated person who works extremely effectively with international partners, clients and executives, adapting his approach and communication techniques to achieve the best possible result for all parties involved.
He speaks English and German.

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