Janis Krievans Chair of JA Europe Board of Executives

Janis is CEO of Junior Achievement Latvia since 2012. In High School, he founded a JA student Company, WoodenMaker, which achieved the 1st place award in a national competition and participated in the JA Europe Company Competition of the Year in Berlin in 2008. Janis studied business management at the University of Latvia and started working in Junior Achievement Latvia right after graduation, first as a volunteer, then as a project manager and later as an international project manager. Since 2018 he has been Advisory Committee member at Turība University, the largest private university in the Baltics. In 2019 Janis was Subject Matter Expert (SME) for "Education & Employment" in Latvia's National Development Plan 2027 and co-founder of Camping Milk company, a hospitality business with 10 cabins. Since 2020 Janis is also SAB Usma chair of the board.

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