Marija Mihailovic Business Development Intern

Marija is a dedicated and enterprising member of the Business Development Team at JA Europe, a non-profit organization that focuses on entrepreneurship education, work readiness, and financial literacy for young people in Europe. It was through her studies, a Bachelor in Political Science at ULB, and a Master in International Politics from KU Leuven, that she honed her skills and nurtured her passion for global dynamics. Before joining forces with JA Europe, she had a chance to be the director of OSSA's Belgian branch, where she was entrusted with representing the interests of Serbian students studying abroad, particularly within Belgium. Her role encompassed strategic oversight of branch operations, orchestrating engaging events, and forging collaborations with diverse organizations to advance shared objectives. As a Business Development Intern at JA Europe, she is committed to identifying new business opportunities and nurturing client relationships that drive our growth. Fluency in Serbian, English, and French equips her with the tools to bridge cultures and connect with a wide array of individuals, enhancing collaboration and understanding.


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