Jana Awada Communication Intern

Jana joined JA Europe as a communications intern in May 2023 with the goal of effectively communicating JA Europe's ideas and programs.

She holds a BA in advertising and marketing communication, an MSc in marketing, and an MBA in international management.

Jana has solid experience in SEO, digital marketing, and social media management. She has effectively optimized websites for search engines to increase organic visibility while working with diverse companies; her expertise extends beyond SEO. She has experience creating appealing and engaging content across different social media platforms and building strategies that interact with target audiences. She also tracks website analytics, analyzes areas for development, and executes necessary optimizations to increase conversions and improve the overall performance of the company's website and presence on social media.

Jana has managed social media accounts, created social media plans, and tracked the performance of marketing campaigns, identifying trends, engaging with followers, and leveraging social media platforms to increase awareness. In addition, she volunteers as a social media coordinator at a center for careers, innovation, and entrepreneurship for university students.

With a passion for continuous learning and keeping up with industry trends, she is always looking for new ways to broaden her knowledge and skills. She’s eager to share her experience and drive growth in the marketing and communication department, as she has a goal-oriented mindset and a dedication to achieving results.

Email: jana@jaeurope.org

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