Effie Papazisi HR and Digital Intern

Effie Papazisi is a gruatuate student at Department of Management Science and Technology at AUEB, pursuing a major in Human Resources, Entrepreneurship, and Digital Innovation. She is an HR and Digital intern at JA Europe, with the desire to make a significant impact in the field of youth education and empowerment. Her journey with JA Europe began as an alumna, in a remarkable achievement with team, SEaNSOR, they won the prestigious Market Expansion Award at the GEN E 2023 competition by EUROPEN. This accomplishment highlights her remarkable entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to driving innovation in the business world.

Effie believes that youth education is the cornerstone of a brighter future, a philosophy she carries into her role as a gymnastics coach. Her experience working with young people, empowering and inspiring them, has further enriched her ability to communicate effectively, multitask efficiently, build strong relationships, excel in teamwork, adapt to diverse situations, and exhibit emotional intelligence.

With her passion for innovation, sustainability and entrepreneurship guiding her work, Effie continues to envision that teamwork is the secret is the secret to creating a better world.

Email: effie@jaeurope.org

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