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My JA Story: Leading by example at all times is key to supporting young people

Laszlo Kremmer, CSC Budapest – Business Manager in Hungary

“Back in 2015, I was "University Relations Work stream Leader” at CSC Budapest for a year. I worked with college and university students to establish working relationships with students and to attract talent. That program brought me back to the world of schools and young students.

When I heard about the JAM (Junior Achievement Magyarország)-Citi program, I wanted to get involved and work with high school students, to help them by sharing my experience.

I truly believe that working with high school students is important not only for the students but for businesses. The job market is increasingly competitive. Companies have to realize that they have to scout for exceptional talent as early as possible and nurture it from a young age. It is equally beneficial for both parties. The students benefit from the program because they see and hear real life examples and can work with enthusiastic volunteers who want to make a difference. For the company, it represents an opportunity to attract talent. To show the students what they are doing from a practical point of view and illuminate potential career paths.

Companies have to invest in education and help schools. It is like planting a tree that will grow for several years before it bears fruit or provides shade. It is our responsibility to foster young talent as early as possible.

I learned a lot from students and their teachers during my volunteering experience. It was much like a reversed mentoring for me. They taught me to look at the world from their perspective, to be open and to listen to their challenges, problems, and fears. It was a learning experience for me for which I am thankful. The students treated me as a mentor, a coach, and by the end of the program, a friend.

When you as a volunteer leader shift your mind-set and serve first, you unlock purpose and ingenuity in those around you, resulting in higher performance and students that are engaged and fulfilled. A servant leader's purpose should be to inspire and equip the students you influence. You have to make sure that you are fully engaged, enthusiastic, positive and leading by example all the time."

Category : Business Volunteering, Entrepreneurship Education Posted : 7 July 2017 21:22 UTC
About the Author
Laszlo Kremmer, CSC Budapest – Business Manager in Hungary

As CSC Budapest Business Manager, he is responsible for driving and executing the CSC strategy, particularily in the areas of site governance, people & strategy, communication, culture and community investment. Having worked for Citi since 2012, Laszlo was appointed in May 2015 to the post of PMI Region Mentor for Eastern Europe, a volunteer liaison between PMI and regional community leaders. He is also the founder of Citi PM Club, which he has been hosting for 5 years, supporting its members by providing training, as well as social activities and networking opportunities.

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