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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a rapidly growing field that is revolutionizing industries and changing the way we live and work. AI has the potential to bring about significant economic and social benefits, but it also poses challenges and risks that need to be addressed. JA Europe is already taking a next step to reshape education by creating a merged curricula; to integrate AI into our entrepreneurship education programme to help young people become more aware of its potential and limitations.

The Erasmus+ Forward Looking Cooperation Project is a collaboration between Junior Achievement Europe and a consortium of 10 partners from the research, large-enterprise, schools, and Junior Achievement organisations. Our goal is to equip young people with the necessary skills to navigate the digital world and prepare them for the future of work. The consortium members have diverse expertise and experience in AI, education, and entrepreneurship. Through this collaboration, we will develop and test new AI curricula that will be integrated into the Junior Achievement entrepreneurship education programme. The curricula will cover a range of topics, including AI basics, ethics, and its applications in various industries and will be launched in January 2024 in Spain, in Portugal and in Italy. 

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Student Examples

Bookstore ChatBot (Italy): The team developed a ChatBot for Bookstores. The ChatBot helps clients to choose the right book and where to buy it. The ChatBot will be online and available in all the social networks in order to reach young students. The team is composed by 7 girls from different classes of the same school.

CAMCO (Italy): They developed a software which is integrated with the CCTV already in use in shops, museums, places, etc. and can count the number of people in a specific area. Their Value Proposition is unique because this software can be installed in all the CCTV systems already in use by the clients. No need to buy new cameras.

Reabilita (Spain): They solution is a robotic hand (an exoskeleton) that allows rehabilitation from home. Thanks to the AI, it will develop a personalized treatment for each person. This will save waiting time and speed up the physio's work as it will be a good tool. In addition to being affordable.​

O-Safe (Spain): They have created a device that measures the level of toxic gases in indoor environments.​

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