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EU Projects

Virtual Internships for Inclusive Societies (VI4IS)

Different training programs for young people are focused on the use of multimedia tools and the Internet. Such models remove the obstacles of geographical distance or financial difficulties, while on the other hand, they reduce costs for employers and companies. However, this type of professional development of young people reduces the possibility of internships, advancement, and the very access to the labor market for young people from vulnerable social groups.

To overcome the aforementioned barriers and create equal educational opportunities for the development of young people's skills, JA Europe is collaborating with the Belgrade Open School (Serbia), Association XANO Channel (Spain), Pixel – International Education and Training Institution (Italy), National Youth Council of Macedonia, and Junior Achievements in Serbia on the 'Virtual Internships for Inclusive Societies' project. The project, co-funded by the European Union in the framework of the Erasmus Youth Programme, will offer a base for improving youth access to internship programs within the formal and informal education system. Special emphasis will be placed on young people coming from rural areas and young people with disabilities. The project will empower young people to get involved and cooperate with decision-makers in the field of youth education and employment policies and thus become key actors in decision-making processes regarding their rights and interests.

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