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  • AmCham EU Youth Entrepreneurship Award

    AmCham EU Youth Entrepreneurship Award

    Together, AmCham EU (The American Chamber of Commerce to the European Union) and JA Europe are putting youth entrepreneurship in the spotlight by showcasing young people who have chosen to become entrepreneurs and sending a positive message to the media and policymakers.



    How has their entrepreneurial experience impacted their lives? Who are these young entrepreneurs, innovators and leaders and how are they contributing to job creation and growth? JA Europe presents the FERD’S LIST, a European list of young and inspirational entrepreneurs, innovators and leaders.

  • The Entrepreneurial School Awards

    The Entrepreneurial School Awards

    The Entrepreneurial School Awards is an annual recognition of the outstanding primary and secondary schools championing entrepreneurship education.

  • Inventing the future

    Inventing the future

    “Inventing the Future” is an initiative of JA Europe and Arconic Foundation focused on entrepreneurship and STEM education (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics).
    The programme involves JA students (15-19 years old) from across Europe supported by Arconic volunteers helping to prepare tomorrow's workforce for successful, rewarding careers that advance the future.

  • Why Europe Matters

    Why Europe Matters

    JA Europe and members of The European Round table of Industrialists (ERT) are launching a survey on "Why Europe Matters".
    “Why Europe matters” will reach out to young Europeans, to invite their opinions on issues of concern to them, to work with them towards developing an agenda for action, and to invite leaders to engage with them.

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