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How has their entrepreneurial experience impacted their lives ?

Who are these young entrepreneurs, innovators and leaders and how are they contributing to job creation and growth?



The FERD’S LIST is a European list of young and inspirational entrepreneurs, innovators and leaders.

Johan H. Andresen, Owner and Chairman of FERD, is partnering with JA Europe to recognize and celebrate the long-term impact JA has on young people. FERD’S LIST is an annual celebration of outstanding JA alumni on a unique path to “creating enduring value and leaving a lasting footprint”.


The FERD’S LIST identifies young people not only for what they have achieved, but celebrates the path that they are on; recognizing them for being in the moment where their potential is being transformed into greater value for society.

  • Outstanding young entrepreneur or leader (aged 25 to 40)
  • Participated in a Junior Achievement entrepreneurship programme in Europe
  • Change-maker, innovator
  • Evidence of a growing business or organization
  • Contribution to job creation
  • Driven by a desire to succeed and to give back at the same time; exemplary leaders and role models for others
  • Trustworthy, passionate, high integrity, strong communicators, good listeners, vision, grateful to their team, positive.

 Learn more about FERD'S LIST www.ferdslist.org

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