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Inventing the future

“Inventing the Future” is an initiative of JA Europe and Arconic Foundation focused on entrepreneurship and STEM education (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics).

The programme involves JA students (15-19 years old) from across Europe supported by Arconic volunteers helping to prepare tomorrow's workforce for successful, rewarding careers that advance the future.

The activities under this initiative include classroom visits to give students an unprecedented view of the spectrum of STEM careers available to them.

In addition, students from France, Germany, Hungary and the UK will take part in innovation camps, working through different STEM-related challenges together with Arconic volunteers, helping them to develop their innovation skills.

The activities under this initiative have a special focus on the next generation of materials and how this material innovation will influence the manufacturing industry and societal challenges such as urban mobility in the next decade.

There is a rapid shift taking place in manufacturing from automation to digitalization of information and a skills shortage has been identified by manufacturers globally. To help solve this, Arconic and JA Europe strive to encourage more young people to pursue STEM careers or start businesses in these fields, recognizing that Europe’s competitiveness and the future of opportunities lie at the crossroads between STEM skills, innovation and new businesses.

Moreover, JA Europe recognises the importance of entrepreneurship and STEM education raising awareness among policy makers and businesses with its “Switch on Europe” campaign.



Innovation Camp "Inventing the Future" in Hungary. View more pictures on our FB album

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