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Bata Innovation Camp

2 - 4 October 2019 Location: Zlín

JA Europe is organizing the international Innovation Camp in partnership with Bata Shoe Organisation in Zlín, Czech Republic on October 2-4, with support of the experts from Bata Innovation Labs (BIL), Bata Shoe Organisation and Tomas Bata Universty. The event will be organized in the premises of Tomas Bata University – the Footwear Research Centre and the Bata Villa.

The Innovation Camp is an intensive idea-generating workshop where students gather in order to address a specific challenge in one day. JA Innovation Camps are designed specifically to build stronger partnerships between schools and industry, exposing a young audience to real-world challenges and the individuals who work with them every day.

JA Innovation Camp in partnership with Bata is an opportunity to engage young people from 19-25 (JA Alumni - former JA Company Programme students and University students) directly with the shoe industry and BSO through new channels and to expose these bright and impressionable young people to the history of Bata and the incredible story of innovation and entrepreneurism of Tomas Bata through their interaction with the Bata Shoe Organisation.

The competition will be organized for the first time in Zlín– in the city where both JA and Bata have deep roots. Zlín has produced some of Europe’s finest industrial entrepreneurs. It is worthwhile doing a special event with young people in Zlín to “understand where the company came from”.


30 University students and Company Programme Alumni from Czech Republic and Slovakia from Technical University Liberec, University of Economics Prague, Brno University of Technology, Tomas Bata University, Mendel University Brno, Slovak Technical University, Comenius University Bratislava


The role of the mentors - experts is to give advice to students on certain topics such as product development, finance, marketing, sales, presentation techniques etc. Each expert should be comfortable in working with young people, have some training/facilitation experience and be available to ask questions and answer students’ questions

Bata Innovation Camp 2019 mentors:
  • Shervin Chua, Director Bata Innovation Lab Toronto
  • Ondrej Cedidla, Marketing Manager, Bata
  • Tomas Novotny, Director Retail Sales Operations, Bata
  • Jiri Chudarek, Chief Collection Manager, Bata
  • Tereza Svacinova, Visual Maanager, Bata
  • Ing. Petra Barešová, Ph.D. – Junior Researcher Tomas Bata University
  • Jarmila Roubínková – Technician of Testing Laboratory, Tomas Bata University
  • Ing. Eva Hnátková, Ph.D. – Deputy Head of Testing Laboratory, Tomas Bata University

Jury Panel
  • Monica Pignal, Chair Bata Shoe Foundation
  • Prof. Ing. Petr Sáha, CSc. former dean Tomas Bata University
  • Prof. Igor Emri, Diretor Footwear Research Centre
  • Ing. Pavel Velev, Director Thomas Bata Foundation Zlin






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