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Leaders-for-a-Day 2016

19 October 2016 Location: Brussels, Belgium

Leaders-for-a-Day invites young graduates of entrepreneurship programmes from across Europe to learn from a leader by shadowing them for a day. The aim is to empower young people to make informed career choices, enlarge their network and expand their career opportunities.

This experience inspires young people to be entrepreneurial, develops essential skills that make them valuable assets and helps them transition from school to the world of work. JA Alumni who have completed the Company Programme and obtained an Entrepreneurial Skills Pass (ESP) certification will be selected to join the Leaders-for-a-Day.

Dedicated to better preparing young people for the labour market, Leaders-for-a-Day engages them in a comprehensive real-life work experience to:
  • Demonstrate the connection between education and successful careers.
  • Introduce young people to the demands of the labour market and help them to build skills needed for success in the 21stcentury workplace.
  • Encourage mentoring between young people and experienced professionals; help expand their network and better position themselves for entering the labour market.
  • Inspire a shared responsibility across all sectors for the development of a skilled, adaptable, and successful workforce that actively contributes to a dynamic and competitive economy.
For more information please visit the Leaders-for-a-Day website
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