Support Ukrainian Youth and Children

The support will:

  • Provide immediate assistance including food, shelter and medicine to those in need together with other humanitarian assistance organizations;
  • Create a network of schools across Europe who will host Ukrainian refugees to respond to their needs and facilitate integration;
  • Translate into Ukrainian and deliver educational programmes, from kindergarten and onwards, that will support children and youth to maintain their self-confidence, self-esteem and mental health;
  • Develop and share an online learning platform with JA materials available in Ukrainian for all schools, volunteers and youth across Europe.
  • Work with the schools welcoming Ukrainian youth and children, to equip them with computers, tablets, stationery;
  • Train Ukrainian-speaking volunteers to deliver education programmes to young Ukrainians digitally, whether they are based in Ukraine or have fled;
  • Create a network of Ukrainian teachers who have fled their country but who will be instrumental in ensuring the continuity of the educational path of young Ukrainians.

If you are a US citizen and would like a receipt for tax deduction purposes you can donate for Ukraine youth through JA Worldwide (

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