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  • Training the entrepreneurs of the future [Euronews Business Planet]

    22 February 2016

    Business Planet producer Serge Rombi explores how young people are learning to become the entrepreneurs of the future. Inspiring and teaching young people the basics of entrepreneurship is the business of Junior Achievement. We met Blanca Narváez, director of the organisation in Spain.

  • Spending valuable time on financial education [Ethical Performance]

    25 January 2016

    Research by the Money Advice Service maintains that adult habits around money can be formed as early as the age of seven. And in this fast evolving technical age, where the whole, traditional transaction of purchase is often unseen (just look at iTunes and Uber), Visa Europe believes that teaching young people money management is more essential than ever.

  • Introducing the Inaugural 30 Under 30 Europe List [Forbes]

    20 January 2016

    Five JA Alumni featured: MEP Eva Paunova (Policy); Ionut Budisteanu, VisionBot (Industry); Cornel Amarie, Continental Automotive Systems (Industry); Karolis Misiuna, PhD Candidate, University of Cambridge (Science & Healthcare); Konrad Kierklo, CEO, Miinto Group (Retail & E-Commerce) | NEW THINGS ARE springing from the Old World. Our first-ever 30 Under 30 Europe list builds on our efforts to spotlight the young elite (the American honor roll is now in its fifth year) and spans ten diverse categories.

  • Why entrepreneurship education matters [New Europe]

    04 January 2016

    The latest Eurobarometer survey shows increasing concerns on immigration, economic and unemployment issues. Europe hasn’t done enough to invest in long term solutions to job creation and poverty reduction  and we are now realizing how poorly equipped Europe is to handle these challenges.  

  • Il 64% dei giovani ha una mentalità da imprenditore [Corriere della Sera]

    15 December 2015

    Il 64% dei giovani italiani che hanno partecipato ai percorsi didattici di alternanza scuola/lavoro “Impresa in azione” aspira a un futuro lavorativo in cui sviluppare un proprio progetto. Un dato che non significa necessariamente voler fare l’imprenditore a tutti i costi, ma che dimostra l’attitudine diffusa tra i giovani ad adottare una mentalità imprenditoriale che consenta loro di sviluppare le proprie idee, sperimentare metodi di risoluzione dei problemi (56%) e definire autonomamente i propri compiti (57%). 

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