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  • M&G plc expands 10x Challenge to six European countries

    29 October 2020

    With the support of M&G plc, Junior Achievement are enriching and scaling a successful national enterprise competition created by Young Enterprise (YE) UK across several markets in Europe: France, Germany, Poland, Ireland, Spain and Italy as well as the UK. The 10x Challenge programme will provide social and sustainable benefits to young people, their teachers and their communities, while fostering skills such as entrepreneurship, financial capability, collaboration and digital interaction.

  • Alliance for YOUth companies to create 300,000 new opportunities by 2025 to support youth

    27 October 2020

    The COVID-19 pandemic is having a huge impact on society and especially on young people. The last statistics prove it: youth unemployment is again on the rise, with more than 3 million young people already concerned in Europe1. More than ever, efforts are needed to support young people and avoid a lockdown generation.

  • FERD's List 2020: What will it take for Europe to have more tech unicorns?

    21 October 2020

    The first webinar to celebrate the FERD’s List 2020 on 21 October featured three inspirational JA Alumni: Joonas Ahola, Founder & CEO of MeetingPackage; Todor Gigilev, CEO of Dreamix; and Manouchehr Shamsrizi, Founder & CEO of RetroBrain. Moderated by Johan Andresen, Owner & Chairman FERD and Salvatore Nigro, CEO JA Europe, they discussed how Europe could have more tech unicorns. Brynhild Vinskei, Head of Global Marketing at EPOSand 2018 FERD’s List Honouree also participated in the discussion.

  • Reimagine the future of medicine: Junior Achievement to boost digital health and innovation through entrepreneurial hubs

    29 September 2020

    Junior Achievement is embarking on a collaborative project with Novartis in Europe to be piloted in Central and Eastern Europe, aimed at leveraging technology and “start-up” thinking in the medical field. By establishing a series of pre-accelerator hubs in digital health and innovation, the program will generate a stronger ecosystem of innovators who will work to reimagine medicine as we know it.

  • Meet the 2020 FERD's List Honourees

    25 September 2020

    As the world struggles to adjust to the disruption caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, we turn to the young generation to inspire us on how to recover and rebuild our societies and economies. FERD’s List is a joint initiative by JA Europe and FERD that recognizes inspiring JA Alumni from across the world. This year’s nominees came from all over Europe and beyond and eight finalists were selected by Johan H. Andresen. These personal stories and impressive professional journeys show the life-changing impact of giving young people practical entrepreneurial experiences at school.

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