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JA Europe and Intel showcase how to empower European youth in AI and entrepreneurship

Brussels, 09 November 2021

As part of the series of online events at the European Commission's DigiEduHack 2021 initiative, JA Europe and Intel organised a European AI projects showcase and a panel discussion on equipping the next generation of Europeans with the critical skills needed to transform our societies and economies by integrating AI into entrepreneurship education.

The event also marked the conclusion of the European pilot Intel® AI for Youth program in 3 countries Italy, Portugal and Spain. The innovative aspect of the pilot was the merging AI for Youth program with JA's entrepreneurship programs – thus equipping young people with the essential skills needed on the job market.

Among the key highlights from the showcase are that entrepreneurship education is a successful way to learn about AI, and that AI should be introduced as a learning tool from an early age. Integrating AI into entrepreneurship programs enables youth to have a deeper and more accurate understanding of technology and its impact to society (e.g., employment, inequality or inclusion). The participating students have understood and used the AI tools and methodologies responsibly to create purposeful solutions that address various local and global challenges.

Ultimately, bringing AI into the classroom will help demystify Artificial Intelligence, equip young people with the skills and mindset required to be ready for the jobs of tomorrow by providing them with a deeper understanding of AI. This aligns with Intel’s RISE goals and efforts to partner with governments and communities to address the digital divide and expand access to technology skills needed for current and future jobs. By 2030, Intel plans to partner with governments in 30 countries and 30,000 institutions worldwide and is committed to empower more than 30 million people with AI skills training.

Speakers at the event called for significant investment into AI education in Europe to offer such opportunities to young Europeans at a larger scale. Our joint ambition is that all young Europeans have equal access to entrepreneurship and AI learning opportunities, independently of their socio-economic or geographical background.

The partnership with Intel aligns with JA Europe's mission to ensure that youth acquire and apply the necessary competencies to launch their own business to succeed in today's digital economy and that they make informed financial decisions. Doing so democratizes young people's access to AI tools while training them on how to use them skillfully. As the COVID-19 pandemic has increased disparities in the access to technology, it is urgent to invest into concrete opportunities for all young Europeans, so that no one is left behind.

Salvatore Nigro, CEO JA Europe said: "Our partnership with Intel gives a unique opportunity to JA students across Europe to learn and test AI applications during their entrepreneurial journey through AI for Youth program. It is a win-win for the schools, students and teachers and especially for the future of Europe that will need AI knowledge and skills to remain competitive in the global, digital market."

In case you missed the event, you can watch the recording here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o8MuWNUKRsQ

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