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Winners of European Online Sci-Tech Challenge

Brussels, 21 March 2017

The 8th European Online Sci-Tech Challenge took place on 21 March 2017. The best national Sci-Tech Challenge teams from Belgium, France, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Romania and the UK had the opportunity to present their solutions on how to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions.



The innovative solutions proposed solutions to the challenge by:

  • implementing car-free city centres, surrounded by areas where limited traffic, consisting of personal vehicles and courtesy cars are permitted, coupled with real-time information to inform travellers (solution of Team Belgium)
  • creating a combination of advanced tyre technology and increased use of bioethanol (solution of Team France)
  • designing a new car design that is lighter, more aerodynamic, which captures and stores CO2, recycling it to grow algae and make biofuel (solution of Team Italy)
  • introducing dedicated lanes and financial incentives for electric vehicle use (solution of Team Netherlands)
  • creating a device for car exhausts that filter, separate and store greenhouse gases (solution of Team Norway)
  • lowering carbon public transport funded through environmental taxation (solution of Team Romania)
  • offering a holistic approach combining driver education with technical solutions to reduce emissions (solution of Team UK)

A great panel of jury members were assessing the solutions based on students’ ingenuity, creativity and level of scientific knowledge.

The jury members were:

  • Nikolaas Baeckelmans, VP EU Affairs, ExxonMobil
  • Francesca Stevens, Director Government Affairs and Business Development, Arconic
  • Antoine Feral, VP EU Affairs, Rolls-Royce
  • Christian Egenhofer, Associate Senior research Fellow & Director of Energy Climate House, Centre for European Policy Studies
  • Giulia Catini, Head of EU office, CNH Industrial Institutional relations

Only three teams from Belgium, France and Italy qualified to participate at the European Grand Finale which will take place on 10 May in Brussels

Belgium Team French Team Italian Team

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