• Fostering entrepreneurship with Euroclear

    Fostering entrepreneurship with Euroclear

    Euroclear was chosen by the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson to present their CSR Activities during the event “Citi Giving Day of London”. The event took place on 30 September and all of the national offices from Euroclear were involved. Euroclear Volunteer, Veronique Lodico from the French Euroclear Office was present via video-conference and talked about her experience as a volunteer for the JA Programmes. 

  • Bringing innovation and social entrepreneurship together

    Bringing innovation and social entrepreneurship together

    This past October I had the opportunity to volunteer for an Innovation Camp organised by JUNIOR Germany and Barclaycard in Hamburg. The camp was part of a project that Barclays and JA Europe are running in 6 European countries. It aims to impact 15,000 students from disadvantaged areas by teaching them skills they will need to be successful in their future careers. 

  • Volunteering to grow Europe's entrepreneurial mind-set

    Volunteering to grow Europe's entrepreneurial mind-set

    I heard about the programme through colleagues at work, and thought it would be an interesting project to get involved with. I undertook a similar thing many years ago and enjoyed the experience immensely.

  • My journey to entrepreneurship

    My journey to entrepreneurship

    My JA journey started in a small high school in South London, on September 28, 2013. I sat down in the corner of a classroom, a quiet sixteen-year-old - still confused about what I had signed up for. I had never studied business, no experience of making money and the thought of running my own enterprise was about as ridiculous an idea I could think. Little did I know I had just begun the year-long programme that would change my life!

  • From concept to reality

    From concept to reality

    In September 2014 we founded the mini-company RAUTECK, an acronym for ‘Recycled Autoparts Eckernförde’ – Eckernförde being our hometown in Germany. We were able to do this because we participated in the Junior Achievement (JA) Company Programme, an initiative which teaches students how to start and run their own company during one school year. 

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