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Discovering the business leader within

Participating in JA programmes does not just develop the skills you need to enter the labour market, instead they help cultivate the entrepreneur and business person within you. Attending JA programmes has helped me discover and develop my teamwork and leadership abilities.

Joining JA’s programmes helped begin to satisfy my curiosity about entrepreneurship and leadership, and desire to engage with knowledgeable business mentors.

The activities I participated in, have indeed surpassed my expectations. While the JA Company Programme required a lot of work, the way in which we learned – through real-world experiences and learning-by-doing activities – actually proved to be far more interactive and engaging compared to any other programmes I’d experienced before.

My own exercise mini-company is actually a combination of a spa and a café. You can call it a relaxation centre. What’s more specific to our establishment is that, when people come to drink coffee they can enjoy a specially designed ambiance for each of the coffee types.

I must admit that a lot of support was given to us by our business mentors from Citi. Their expertise was invaluable and contributed to us finding the answers and examples we needed to explore all the facets of our potential business. Engaging with the volunteers acted as short tutorials, opening up new ways for us to achieve our objectives. Finally, it was really great to hear about their own personal journeys to success, discover their stories.

I would definitely recommend JA programmes to any students interested in developing entrepreneurial skills, gaining real-world experience and uncovering the business leader within them.

Written by Nicolae Sebastian Timotei, a 16-year-old JA Romania student from Superior Commercial School “Nicolae Kretzulescu”. 

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