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Transforming dreams and ideas into innovative products

Now, as an active participant of the JA Company Programme, I feel that I am really getting a taste of what it is like to start and run a business. I have learned to network more actively and am starting to feel more entrepreneurial. The programme has really affected me in three main areas: self-confidence, presentation and opening the door to my future. It helped build my self-confidence and taught me how to present myself in a more professional way, both invaluable qualities regardless of my future career. Finally, this programme inspired my future. By opening the door to the working world, we have a better understanding of what lies ahead and the skills to go out and achieve our goals.  

What really inspires me is innovation, how a product can come along and make our lives easier. Before the JA Company Programme, I saw these innovations as mysterious, a dream. But now, I know that by combining new creative ideas with hard-work, we can create successful and innovative products. We can take our dreams and fulfil them, we can make the impossible possible.  By Pelin Işeri from Mustafa

By Pelin Işeri from Mustafa Saffet Anatolian High School in Turkey.

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