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GEP 2016 Winners Share their experience

What did you learn from the GEP experience?

At first SOSelder was just an idea, we were in our comfort zone. We gradually started to develop our idea and during this process we learned how to run a mini-company, we improved skills like taking initiative, self-confidence, teamwork and perseverance. It has not been an easy road, because we had to overcome many difficulties. Working on the project we learned to detect social problems that affect many people and to find a solution for them. The growing number of elderly people who need help is a global problem which is present in all countries.

How will this international experience help you in your life?

We have learned to work together with colleagues from other countries with different backgrounds and different mentalities. We have also learned to adapt our service to a global market composed of older people from different countries. We think that this is a very important skill for us in such a globalized world in which any company is targeting a global market. We believe that this way we are well prepared for our future and we have increased our employability.

What’s next for you?

Our next step is to improve our app with suggestions received from our partners. We also want to get more key partnerships, both in Spain and other European countries to help us distribute our service. We would like to put on the market a new version of our application in mid-October.

About SOSElder

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