Euroclear volunteer at JA Finland Start Up Workshop

Arno Illukka, Head of Corporate Technology Finland and Sweden, Euroclear, volunteered with JA Finland during a Start Up workshop in October 2016.

Volunteering in my former school!

It is always nice to interact with students and see what the future of this country looks like. If I could give even little bit of support to some of the groups I have achieved my goal. Meeting with students who attend my former school has been in my hidden agenda for many years and I never had good reason to do it until now.

Offering real-life insight to career paths

These kinds of events give opportunity for sharing one’s own experiences to the younger generation and also a possibility to find employees or trainees for us. Also we can provide insight about the finance sector and what kind career paths it can provide now and in the future. Digitalization is really coming to the finance sector and processes and practices are changing.

Nowadays in a working life it is quite common that you need to work in an entrepreneurial way. Nobody comes to tell you what to do and how to reach your goals in a concrete way (only in a factory this might be true). You will get yearly targets but it is up to you to reach those. The more demanding your position is, the more you need to have selling, marketing, conceptualization, business case creation and other important skills that are needed when you sell your ideas to your direct manager or your team.

Why you shouldn’t hesitate

What I enjoyed the most from this volunteering experience was meeting teams and having discussions with them and seeing their motivation in creating something concrete. It was nice to see that teams were keen on getting feedback to their ideas.


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