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Girls in management in Norway

Kaisa Lervik, Analytics Talent Community Lead, Avanade Norway got involved with Ungt Entreprenorskap (JA Norway) this winter to lend her expertise during the programme “Girls in Management”. She shared her views on the experience:

"I think it’s important to start thinking about how you want to make an impact from an early age, and it seems that JA is about giving young people a mindset and tools to do just that. Having entrepreneurs in Norway when the oil runs out will be very important, and we need to educate young people on how to manage a business, not just have great ideas.

We want to see tomorrow’s leaders, and give them an opportunity to learn about using technology (our expertise) to the best for their future companies.

The future is always changing, but probably quicker now than just a few decades ago. But running and leading a business is not changing as fast, and learning the skills now will enable them to run successful businesses in most new conditions.

What I enjoyed most from this volunteering experience was meeting young women who are eager to learn about technology and how to use it to lead their businesses smarter and more effectively."

Avanade Norway
Photos: Sanne Skjørland

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