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JA Alumna now mentors others through Bloomberg volunteer program

Anna Molin, Social Media Reporter, Bloomberg LP

I’m a Junior Achievement alumna so it feels natural for me to volunteer through Bloomberg Startup, our company’s global education engagement program, to give back to a programme that I myself benefitted from as a teenager.

I participated in JA as a 17 year old. It’s a hands-on valuable learning experience that allows the students to apply what they learn in class in a real-life environment.

Entrepreneurial skills are so important for young people because it opens up employment opportunities by making them more attractive on the job market. It could also pave the way for new innovations and businesses, thereby advancing the needs of society and creating jobs for others.

Meeting all the students and hearing about their ideas, innovations and experiences running their businesses [was the most enjoyable part of my volunteering experience]. It was amazing to see so many talented young people of different backgrounds stand up and make the case for their ideas.

I was impressed by some of the ideas, many of which centered on the need for environmentally friendly products. It gave me hope for the future generation and sparked my own ideas for possible future innovations. I hope the students were encouraged by my comments and that my questions challenged them in thinking about the business case for their product or service.

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