Nuno Salvador, Barclays Volunteer & Mentor

I have been a volunteer of JA Portugal for some time now as a juror in selected competitions or as a volunteer for the program" Economics for Success ", but I never ventured into the Company Programme until now because of the time commitment required. I participated for the first time this year and I was fortunate to be part of a tireless group of volunteers with a lot of entrepreneurial spirit.

Being a mentor is a big commitment and requires a lot from the volunteers, either in time or personal delivery, but the end result is very rewarding. I feel that with time and effort we managed to transform these students from rough diamonds into gems for a country lacking entrepreneurship spirit and exceptional human capital – and this in my opinion is the best return on investment that I made.

The fact that the programme helped increase the economic and financial literacy of these young people and prepared them better for the world of work is already very rewarding to me as a volunteer. The icing on the cake was when my team,, managed to win the National Competition and will go to represent Portugal in the JA Europe Company of the Year Competition in Berlin.

Once again I have to thank JA Portugal for giving me the opportunity to help these students grow and in the process of helping me grow as a mentor. team developed a universal adapter for cans that prevents the transmission of diseases when drinking directly from the container. This product aims to give greater comfort to consumers and preserve the natural taste of the drink.

"We know that during the European Competition the bar will be set higher - we are aware that we have to work hard, but at the same time we are very motivated to do our best, for our country and all we represent. The role of our volunteer was decisive now and will be in the future. We want to thank Nuno for his support and for helping us grow as people." Manuel Alvarez, president of Minicompany

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