Noëlle Lageweg, Global Enterprise Project Alumna

Participating in the Global Enterprise Project (GEP) was one of the most amazing experiences in my life. In three days I met a lot of new people from all over Europe. It was great to work with people from so many different countries and to listen to their ideas.

My team and I came up with the idea called “The European Game”, which was an educational project we wanted to introduce in all European countries. In this project the students were able to test their knowledge and receive a reward for their hard work. The prize was an internship with a great international company – this would increase their chances to a great career. This was designed to stimulate students to do the best they can and prepare them to work on an international basis in the future. This is necessary in a world where globalisation is part of every day life.

The most impressive I thought was how easy it was to come to a great idea and get on so well with people you had never met before, who come from so many different cultures and have different ways of thinking. Together we formed a great team and every person had his own role. I had never imagined that it would turn out this way.

GEP taught me to be more flexible and adaptable in different situations, as well as cooperate with different people. I experienced different situations that are very similar to those in the real international business world and I think it was very useful for me to think about how would I manage and behave in those situations. It also made me more aware of how things work in a global economy and I realised I would really like to work in a great international company in the future.

I would definitely recommend GEP to one of my classmates because it is an amazing experience and an opportunity to get familiar with business. It helps you understand how to manage with different tasks within a short period of time and how to solve problems. GEP was not only hard work but also a lot of fun! I’ve had an amazing time which I will never forget!

Noëlle Lageweg (Hoeksch Lyceum from Oud-Beijerland, The Netherlands), participated in GEP 2014 and was part of the winning team at the GEP European Final in Madrid.

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