Discovering your passion and building confidence

GEP is a pan-European programme that helps students develop entrepreneurial and business skills, offering them a platform to interact and work with peers from 13 European countries by creating min-companies and joint-ventures. The programme is run by JA Europe and supported by eight major European industries – Siemens, SAP, Repsol, Total, SmurfitKappa, STMicroelectronics, AlcatelLucent and SONAE.

During his time in GEP, Matei (student at Colegiul National Mihai Viteazu, Romania), participated in activities that greatly grew his entrepreneurship skills. He had the opportunity to improve his presentation skills and critical thinking, and discovered just how vital team work to running a successful project. While running their mini-company he and his friends felt like they were running a real company. Matei found the programme suitable for students looking to find an inspiring career path or to explore whether entrepreneurship is a "job" for you, something you could be passionate about.

After GEP, I can say that I am more confident. I am now preparing for the National Phase of the Economics Olympics, and thinking of starting my own business. My passion for public speaking has now turned into reality and I will be the moderator of an International Conference hosted by my high school, presenting during several events. Additionally, after discovering my passion for economics, I have decided I would like to study it and am preparing to enter a top European university” Matei said.

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