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5 JA Questions for Petr Andrýsek, JA Alumnus & Founder/CEO of Socialsharks

1. Tell us a little bit about your JA Company Programme experience, what did you learn as a result of your participation?

As a young student, the JA Company Programme connected the dots between education and business, teaching us how to negotiate and putting us in contact with real companies. Such opportunities, at such a young age, really helped me begin to understand the realities of the business world. Many students might not appreciate the importance of these connections in the moment, but for your future career it’s a huge leap forward.

The JA Company Programme taught me not only how to negotiate, but also how to deal with stressful situations and helped me build my interpersonal skills. I would definitely recommend the programme to anyone interested in entrepreneurship, or even just understanding the basics of business. My company currently hires JA Alumni, and I can tell you that there is a huge difference in skills and abilities between those who have been through JA programmes and those who have not.

2. How did you decide to become an entrepreneur?

I really started thinking about becoming an entrepreneur during my time as President of my JA mini-company. The JA Company Programme opened my eyes and showed me where I belong. It helped guide me in my realization that I could make a career out of my entrepreneurial desires, it was where I felt I could become the best of the best.

3. Where are you today? (What is your current profession/company? What product/service did you develop?)

Today, I am the proud owner and Chief Shark of the leading social media agency in the Czech Republic, Socialsharks. Through my company, we are working to help companies integrate social media into their business, really harnessing their digital potential. 

4. Can you attribute part of your current success to the JA Company Programme? If yes, explain.

Simply put, the JA Company Programme is the reason why I did not end up as professional soldier or fisherman. :-)

5. Please share one tip for young people looking to become an entrepreneur.

Listen more. Listen as much as possible, and take advantage of the opportunities you have available during the JA Company Programme – what you get out of it is up to you. 

Follow Petr on Twitter via @petrandrysek and @zraloci, or on LinkedIn here.

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