Fostering entrepreneurship with Euroclear

Euroclear was chosen by the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson to present their CSR Activities during the event “Citi Giving Day of London”. The event took place on 30 September and all of the national offices from Euroclear were involved. Euroclear Volunteer, Veronique Lodico from the French Euroclear Office was present via video-conference and talked about her experience as a volunteer for the JA Programmes.

I wanted to become a volunteer because I have an entrepreneurial spirit. I wanted to share my knowledge with young students and provide them with examples through my experiences. When Euroclear gave me the opportunity to volunteer, I decided to take it. 

I think it’s never too early to introduce the business world to students, young people need to deal with orientation when they are 15-years old. It is interesting to link business with education. The business contact for the students prepares them and makes their future integration into the business world easier. 

Entrepreneurship skills are useful for young people when they enter their professional careers. By introducing entrepreneurial skills, young people learn about project management and how to work with other people in a team. 

I enjoyed working with the students and getting to know their different personalities. I also liked the excitement before the competitions.

I have learned to understand young people and how to adapt to them.

For those who are considering, I would say it’s a great volunteering experience, where you will have the chance to be useful to the students, and it is a new exciting experience.

Written by Véronique Lodico, a Euroclear business volunteer from France. 

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