Volunteering to grow Europe's entrepreneurial mind-set

I heard about the programme through colleagues at work, and thought it would be an interesting project to get involved with. I undertook a similar thing many years ago and enjoyed the experience immensely.

In one instance the group I was coaching struggled to engage with each other. By encouraging them to work together and support each other they became a more unified team.  For me this was a good lesson to take back to the work place, as sometimes you are so focused on what you’re doing, you forget the importance of encouraging everyone to work together.

I think that entrepreneurship education not only enables young people to start a successful business, but also to become valuable contributors to the economy. It’s important for students to be able to tap in to a wealth of knowledge gained from years of experience within a working environment, and for businesses it’s a great opportunity to work with and encourage young people.

I loved seeing the creative ideas they came up with during the ‘coat hanger’ challenge, and how they worked together to formulate ideas. It was a good and rewarding experience, which provides support to a worthwhile organisation whilst bringing a depth of knowledge to students.  

About the programme

Launch Pad is an exciting Young Enterprise programme supported by HSBC for 15-18 year olds. Through a series of hands on, fun activities the students will work through a number of sessions where they will learn the importance of teamwork, creating a brand identity and marketing strategies. As they work on the early stages of launching a fledgling business they will have the opportunity to come up with that all important business idea. 

It provides the perfect volunteering opportunity to support the growth and development of young people as they start to consider what is needed to launch a new business. Launch Pad also helps students discover more about themselves while developing key employability skills. 

About Jo

Jo Howell, Central Service, Facilities and Branch Manager UK at Euroclear attended two Launch Pad workshops at City Westminster College on 23-24 September 2015. On both days Jo supported Young Enterprise staff, worked with a group of young people in a classroom, shared her experience about the world of work, and helped students to complete tasks. Jo really enjoyed working with young people and is hoping to volunteer again.  

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