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Cultural BEES

Creating cultural heritage businesses through hybrid learning models & hands-on curricula across borders

The "Cultural BEES" project will develop and implement a training programme and digital toolkit supporting the promotion of entrepreneurship skills in the Cultural and Creative Industries CCI) among youth. The project is aimed at providing youth aged 15-30 years with the necessary skills, knowledge, and tools to succeed in their careers within the Cultural and Creative Industries (CCI) sector. The programme is designed to support youth in developing their ideas, projects, and businesses in the CCI sector and to provide them with the means and skills to ensure that their projects are sustainable, inclusive, and innovative. This will be achieved through a combination of face-to-face training sessions, self-paced online learning, and virtual communities. Large-scale piloting of the developed methodology will include the training of 1000 students at secondary and tertiary level education, in 3 European countries (Cyprus, Bulgaria and Italy).

Cultural BEES consortium is composed of 12 partners, including JA Europe and three national JA organisations, two universities, one social enterprise, one strategic design hub, one association of municipalities and two SMEs and one associated partner (UNESCO Cyprus), from 6 EU countries (Belgium, Cyprus, Slovenia, Italy, Poland, Bulgaria).

Read the news about the project launch: http://www.jaeurope.org/medias/news/1307-introducing-cultural-bees-empowering-youth-in-the-cultural-and-creative-industries.html

Discover more about the Cultural BEES project! https://www.culturalbees.eu/

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