The Entrepreneurial School Awards 2020

9 November 2020

The Entrepreneurial School Awards is an annual recognition of the outstanding primary and secondary schools championing entrepreneurship education.

For the sixth edition of The Entrepreneurial School Awards, entrepreneurial (academic and vocational) schools across Europe will be selected at national level for their entrepreneurial vision and outstanding implementation of entrepreneurship education programmes.

How are schools nominated?

Nominations are submitted by national JA organisations working with their national education authorities. Up to 2 schools per country can be nominated for The Entrepreneurial School Awards 2020, as long as one of them is a VET school.

What do schools have to do to win an award?

To be eligible for an award, schools must:

  • Put on entrepreneurship education activities that include most of their teachers and students
  • Have a vision and a plan
  • Allocate specific resources
  • Actively support teachers' continuing professional development and training
  • Include the local community and business sector.

The best European entrepreneurial schools will be celebrated on 9 November in the context of the European Vocational Skills Week (9 - 13 November 2020). Headmasters and teachers will also participate in a workshop to exchange good practices and network with colleagues from across Europe.

Official partner of the European Vocational Skills Week

JA Europe has been invited by the European Commission to present a special The Entrepreneurial School Awards, rewarding one outstanding VET secondary school during the European Vocational Skills Week. This award is part of the VET innovators category and will recognise the VET school most able to demonstrate the impact of entrepreneurship education on its students as well as in an innovative and collaborative way.

The school will be selected based on the following criteria:

  1. The school can prove a measurable impact on students by integrating entrepreneurship education in the curriculum
  2. The school implements state of the art technology (4.0, simulators, ICT enhanced learning, social media, online collaboration, other digital tools, etc.)
  3. The school has integrated a European dimension in the school plans for both teachers and students 


The Entrepreneurial School Awards is a JA Europe initiative.

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