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  • Student joint-venture from Spain and Norway leads the way with innovative product

    07 July 2015

    Wirbasing Europe JV’, a student-company partnership between Wirbasing (Spain) and RAW Media UB (Norway), won the Global Joint-Venture Award based on their innovative wireless solar chargers for mobile devices.

  • Renewable energy start-up seeks to restore balance in the maritime sector with innovative business

    04 July 2015

    University ‘Start Up Programme’ students from Denmark win top honours at the 2015 JA Europe Enterprise Challenge. Competing against 23 other companies from 16 European countries, Gas2Green won the overall award for best enterprise, additionally winning the ‘Hyundai Brilliant Young Entrepreneurs Award’. The team was chosen based on their innovative idea and strong business potential, which offers a solution to an increasing problem in the maritime sector, where the ships discharge waste material into the oceans. The team’s solution will recycle this unused waste material, by using renewable energy to power an electrolysis cell and produce hydrogen or biofuels.

  • Enterprising students help close the transportation gap with ‘Schoolgo’

    30 June 2015

    Spanish students win first place at the 2015 European Final of the Global Enterprise Project (GEP). Seeking to close the skills gap between business and education, business volunteers from a variety of global companies work together to equip young people with entrepreneurial competences and foster a greater world-view.

  • Students boost local community with social enterprise

    17 June 2015

    Young social entrepreneurs from the team ‘Auxilium’ in Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) won the 2015 ‘Best Social Enterprise Award’ based on their social enterprise concept. The team started running a canteen in the centre of Skopje, which provides warm meals for homeless individuals 12 hours a day. By receiving donations from local markets and bakeries the students are able to give back, while supporting their local community.

  • Vocational students win big with idea to revolutionise drink driving self-regulation

    10 June 2015

    ‘SoberDrive’ from the United Kingdom won the Hyundai Skills for the Future Award. The student team included George Kershaw Houghton, Edward Kershaw Houghton, Callum Coles, Samuel Roberts and Lauren Palmer, and was chosen based on their winning concept of a socially responsible company, helping to reduce drink driving related incidences.

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