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Developing the team spirit with Citi!

As a 4th year student in Marian College in Ireland, I had the opportunity to participate in the Junior Achievement Company Programme. This was a great experience for me and I enjoyed working with my team to create a new product, a business plan and shape up our mini-company.

All our class participated in the Company Programme and I really enjoyed the opportunity to work with my colleagues throughout the 6 weeks creating our products. What really impressed me about the programme was how the activities helped us become and a team and taught us how to work together. The product that I developed was Jacuzzi Suits.

Our Citi volunteer Seth helped us to take our product further and develop it beyond our initial idea. It was great working with him because he helped us a lot with different ideas and he was very fun and interesting, allowing us to ask him lots of questions.

I would recommend the Company Programme experience because it helps to create a good teamwork atmosphere and clarifies what different roles you can play in a team – for example I now know what a Developer would have to go through to create a product/service.

My one tip for future/current students doing similar programmes is to be open-minded and think outside the box.

Witten by Anthony Florea, JA student from Ireland

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