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JA Sweden – a good experience for IT consultant

Johanna Sondell works on the tech company Avanade, a national partner of Young Business, and has the cool title Senior Consultant in XD (User Experience Design). But what does it really mean?

"It means that I personalize different web platforms and make the content more user-friendly. Imagine the e-commerce platform that Zalando (an online clothing store) uses. It's about customizing the webpage for you as a customer and recognizing what you as a costumer might be interested in. For example, if you look at a pair of shoes, the webpage might also suggest a sweater or pair of pants which would fit well together with the shoes” explains Johanna.

At the moment, she manages the development of an e-commerce platform for a global customer, where the website will be tailored to the customers' wishes. And that is not always the easiest thing to set up.

“This client has a wide range of customers who have very specific requirements. For example, they should be able to clear see the product information, what environmental certifications the products have and generally a lot of information about social sustainability. For this I am a part of both one design team in Sweden and one in Riga”, says Johanna.

Many employers at Avanade are civil engineers but Johanna has a degree in business management and economics. She has always been creative, sewing, painting and has even had her own company with and interior design website, something that benefits her at work. Johanna highlights that the JA Company Program is a good experience to have at Avanade.

"While working for Avanade, it is a great advantage to be able to know the basics of entrepreneurship and business. You need a business mind, but also the financial skills are good to have. Are the amount of hours I put into this project suitable for the budget? As a consultant, you are almost like your own business entrepreneur. It is necessary that you can pitch your skills to get an interesting project and you have to dare to create your own opportunities”, says Johanna.

At Avanade, each employee has a personal responsibility for their own development. You need to communicate what motivates you and what personal goals you have for yourself. All employees are assigned a career adviser who has more experience. The Career Adviser's role is to support and coach the employee in the choice of business area and projects, as well as in different situations that may arise while working.

“At Avanade there is no prestige. No matter what level you are in, you can always reach out your hand to get support”, says Johanna.


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