Sara Green Broderson, JA Alumna

 My journey with Junior Achievement started exactly ten years ago in a small town in the Western part of Denmark. I had always been ambitious and couldn’t wait to explore I dreamed of one day becoming a role model to inspire others. So, when my high school teacher suggested I sign up for the Company Programme, I jumped at the chance.

Over the next year I worked hard to establish my first company with two of my classmates. We tried to develop a technically advanced product which could prevent RSI and arm injuries from excessive mouse use. We established contact with a medical facility which carried out clinical trials and developed a prototype. The idea made it to the Danish Finals, where I became acquainted with the JA Alumni community.

I joined the Danish alumni board shortly after participating in ‘Leader for a Day’. A year later, I took a seat on the European alumni board as Secretary General and subsequently held the position as Editor-in-Chief of the European alumni newsletter ‘Flying High’. The people I met there became close friends and today I think of many of them as family it certainly felt like home around them.

When starting my second company six years later, an online course provider, I realised how important it was for me to contribute to society. That was what gave me the drive to put in hours and hours of extra work in both companies I was building something that could potentially help a lot of people all over the world. This had all been enabled and inspired by JA and the amazing people I had met through the programme and the alumni community.

Today, I try to pay this forward by empowering young women to start their own businesses and develop their career opportunities through a national network called ‘Ladies First’. I will strive to give back to JA, my community and the youth of Europe for the rest of my career.

JA and the alumni community taught me to set ambitious goals and work hard to achieve them something that I have since applied in my academic accomplishments as well as my professional career. To me, JA isn’t just about teaching young people how to become entrepreneurs, but also how to be good citizens and lead our communities into a sustainable and better future.

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