Company Programme Alumnus, JA Spain

A student from “Colegio Nazaret” in Spain participated in the Company Programme organized by Junior Achievement Spain during the 2014-2015 school year and found motivation to continue his studies thanks to the constant encouragement he received from the business volunteers involved.

JA Europe and Barclays started a pan-European partnership (France, Italy, Germany, Portugal, Russia and Spain) that aims to impact 15,000 disadvantaged young people over the course of 2 years. By joining forces and implementing the Company Programme in 6 European countries, Barclays and JA Europe are creating unique opportunities for young people to gain skills, competences and experiences vital to ensuring their competitiveness in today’s labour market or that they are prepared to start up on their own business.

During the Company Programme the student participated in the Innovation Camp organized in Madrid by JA Spain and Barclays. This was the first step into a journey that would help him find his passion. His team started a mini-company called ‘Dragbag,’ where they invented a product that gives you more freedom to use your hands while carrying your shopping bags. Their simple innovative product consisted of a rubber band and a carabiner to secure all of your bags, giving you much needed mobility.

His team received support for their mini-company from two volunteers, something that was very motivating and appreciated. The volunteers treated them with great respect, listening to all of their ideas and helping them to develop their company further.

“For me the best part of the programme was to get in contact with the volunteers. I was just about to drop out of school because I didn’t think that I had any ability or competence to continue my studies. During the camp, the volunteers showed me that I have other relevant competences that are not evaluated in school, which motivated me to continue.”

In his eyes, the Company Programme is a great initiative that helps young people start a business from scratch. It taught him not only how to behave with employees, but also how to be creative and solve problems within a company - all taught in a fun, exciting way.

The key takeaways the Spanish student was able to gain from this experience, was how to explain his projects in clear and appropriate ways, and how to be responsible for his mini-company. Moreover, he gained invaluable life-skills during the Company Programme, among them were responsibility, organization, creativity, leadership and self-confidence.

After the experience with the Company Programme, he decided that he wants to achieve a new goal in his life: become a Physical Education Professor. Most of all, the Company Programme taught him that he can achieve anything in life, as long as he believes in himself.

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