Global Enterprise Project Alumni, JA Ireland

In 2014 our team from Ireland participated in the Global Enterprise Programme. During the Programme we got the opportunity to experience team work, by taking part in multiple group building activities and that helped us understand how to better present our ideas. 

During this time we had a volunteer from SAP as a mentor. She is a really fun and engaging person, who came to our classroom and talked to us about entrepreneurship and listened to our ideas. She has a great personality and helped us develop more and be efficient.

We as a team also had the opportunity to go to the GEP European Final 2014. There we had the chance to engage with students from all over Europe, discussing different topics and getting different views on global problems.

The Global Enterprise Programme changed us in a lot of different ways and it has given us a new outlook on future careers. It has inspired us to see Entrepreneurship as a career option and it also made us want to learn more about business. Some of us want to work for ourselves in the future and be the ones who create jobs. It has also given us a better understanding of financial management and made us think more about the choices we make in this field.

The most important thing that Global Enterprise Programme taught us, is how to work as a team and be better at public speaking. The Programme gave us more self-confidence and taught us how to think outside the box like an entrepreneur and how to handle finances better.

We would definitely recommend this programme to our classmates and other students. Because it is a very good experience and you learn a lot of new skills. It is a programme that gives you a great insight into entrepreneurship and it teaches you how to exchange ideas and work with people with different ideas. Most of all we would recommend it because it is an amazing chance to do something different and express yourself!

After this programme we have all developed a more entrepreneurial thinking mind and we are considering pursuing a career in Entrepreneurship. Some of us have started volunteering with local youth clubs working with creative arts and literacy camps.

This programme really changed the way we think!

Team: Alan Donnelly, Jason Early, Barry Cormack, Ciaran Heffernan and Barry Carter

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