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EU Projects



    Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a rapidly growing field that is revolutionizing industries and changing the way we live and work. AI has the potential to bring about significant economic and social benefits, but it also poses challenges and risks that need to be addressed.

  • The European Entrepreneurship Education Network

    The European Entrepreneurship Education Network

    Initiated by JA Europe, the EE-HUB is a specialised international network bringing together European and national governments, businesses, NGOs, researchers and educators to collaborate and share knowledge. It is a unique source of expertise, experience and research, with the mission to increase the quantity, quality and impact of entrepreneurship education in Europe. Together with JA Europe, the EE-HUB advocates that every young person should have at least one practical entrepreneurial experience before they leave school. More info: www.ee-hub.eu

  • Innovation Cluster for Entrepreneurship Education

    Innovation Cluster for Entrepreneurship Education

    The “Innovation Cluster for Entrepreneurship Education” (ICEE) is the new Erasmus + funded project lead by JA Europe in collaboration with four Ministries of Education (Estonia, Finland, Italy and Latvia) and Enterprise Flanders (representing the Ministry in Flanders, Belgium); three research institutes (Eastern Norway Research Institute, The Foundation for Entrepreneurship

  • Social Enterprise 360

    Social Enterprise 360

    The Social Enterprise 360 project was developed through a strategic partnership between organizations from 8 countries. Based on a comprehensive educational approach of social entrepreneurship, it combines learning outcomes with assessment and formal methods with informal activities (implemented both in and out of school). Moreover, the programme engages participants at a local and international level, with the support and guidance of teachers and mentors. 

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