• Sharing expertise, changing lives

    Sharing expertise, changing lives

    As a current business volunteer, my experience has been great, especially because the students are so engaged and excited about the JA Company Programme. The small and close-knit group of students I mentor ask very well-thought-out and tough questions, which always keeps things interested. Two members of the student team have taken a lead on the project, however, I make sure we involve everyone when working together.

  • Volunteering with JA is a win-win experience

    Volunteering with JA is a win-win experience

    I was impressed with JA’s high level of professionalism and pleasantly surprised by how well organized the whole project was. There were clear roles and responsibilities, timelines, tips and lessons learned from past sponsors, which really helped me be effective in my role. Above all, the JA staff were all very positive and helpful, and made my experience very enjoyable – one that I would highly recommend to others.

  • Discovering the business leader within

    Discovering the business leader within

    As a JA student from Romania, I have had the opportunity to participate in two programmes. The first, the JA Company Programme is one of the most interesting programs I have ever been involved in and the second, a one-day innovation camp that really tested my entrepreneurial skills. I am also proud to say that I won the first place.

  • Citi: Mentoring the next generation of entrepreneurs

    Citi: Mentoring the next generation of entrepreneurs

    Approximately 75 million youth globallyare actively seeking meaningful employment. To effectively compete for economic opportunities and succeed in the 21st-century economy, these young people require a mix of education, employability, entrepreneurship, and leadership skills.

  • Skills building through mentorship

    Skills building through mentorship

    I wanted to pass my experience and knowledge on to young people to help them in their future careers, so I joined the Skills for the Future programme as a business mentor.

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